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Community Health

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Now more than ever, all eyes are on the community health field. Villa Maria’s Community Health program is a diverse and flexible course of study that gives students the framework needed to pursue a career path in a variety of health-related fields. Graduates of the Community Health program emerge prepared, motivated to become pillars of their communities and ready to enact positive change right in their own backyards.

Prepared to Promote Good Health

Community Health majors transform into community health workers who can deploy the knowledge and skills gained through the curriculum to promote the physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being of all community members. Students will learn to integrate human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice in the creation of community health interventions. Further, they select culturally relevant modes of community engagement and intervention that are sensitive to and mediate the effects of trauma and other challenges.

Beyond the Basics

Villa Maria’s Community Health program challenges students to consider the external and historical forces that contribute to one’s overall health. By doing a deep dive into physical and social environments, cultural practices, and social systems, students learn to craft health solutions that address the cultural, socio-economic, behavioral, biological, environmental, and other factors that impact human health and contribute to health disparities.

Becoming the Change

Students enrolled in the Community Health can expect a strong, interdisciplinary curriculum designed with a high degree of flexibility, allowing them to pursue their personal and professional interests within the community health field. Community engagement and collaboration lay the groundwork for professional practice, working with-and-in communities to identify the social determinants of health and enhance the quality of life for all persons. Most importantly, students become practiced in demonstrating ethical and professional behavior that will serve them well in any role.

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Community health workers belong at Villa! Through its Felician-Franciscan values, Villa Maria has impacted the lives of countless people in Western, NY and beyond. Students who want to make a difference in their community thrive here. At Villa, you’ll learn to identify and address the health challenges that hold your community back. You’ll become an advocate for diversity, sustainability, and positive health behaviors that are implemented in ways that are effective and equitable.

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The Career Potential

Graduates of Villa Maria College’s Community Health program will emerge from the program prepared to make positive and lasting contributions to the community health industry by engaging in discussions about health concerns, educating the community, collecting and analyzing data, and more. Villa Maria’s Community Health program also serves as a starting point for students considering a profession in health education, prepared teach people about behaviors that promote wellness.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment of community health workers and health educators will grow 13% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. New York State currently ranks among the states with the highest level of employment for community health professions.

Career Paths

  • Hospitals 
  • Nonprofit Organizations 
  • Government 
  • Doctor’s Offices 
  • Private Businesses 
  • Health Coaching 
  • Health Education 
  • Higher Education

Graduates of Villa Maria’s Community Health program will be prepared to pursue an advanced degree. Upon completion of a Bachelor of Science program, many students go on to earn Master’s degrees in Public or Community Health, Social Work, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and more.  

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There’s a lot of pressure to know what’s next. We’re here to say, it’s OK if you’re still figuring it out. In fact, it’s great. Villa is a place where that kind of continual discovery is prized. Because going to college isn’t about having it all figured out. It’s about inventing who you’re going to become. You’ll see.

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