The ancient civilization of Egypt is an amazing historical discovery, and it would be difficult to find many people who would say otherwise.  The ancient Egyptian civilization is believed to be located in the northwest part of  Africa, by modern views.

The Nile River travels right straight through Egypt.  The north most part was called Lower Egypt, while the southern most part was called Upper Egypt. This has sometimes caused some confusion among tourists.  It is said that the Nile is supposed to be the longest river in the world.  Recently though, scientists believe that it may be possible that the Amazon River in South America is slightly longer.

Egyptian history is divided into three time periods. These are referred to as the Old Kingdom, the Central Kingdom, and then the Modern Kingdom.  Each period in the history has it own unique characteristics, and is easiest to learn when studied individually.Each of the ancient Egyptian kingdoms were ruled by a Pharaoh, and it was believed that the gods chose who would be Pharaoh.  It was this belief that allowed the inhabitants of Egypt to feel secure in the knowledge that all was well and under control.  Some people describe Egypt as the first national government in the known world.  Along with the Pharaoh, there were people who held the position of Vizier.  These officials helped to advise the Pharaoh and thus helped him rule.

The Egyptians, like the Sumerians also had their own language and writing system.  The Papyrus plant was used especially to create paper, and thus gives us the very first paper.  Many people are intrigued and fascinated by the Egyptian culture, in part due to the massive monumental structures that cover the Egyptian landscape.  Especially popular is the Great Pyramid which is viewed by thousands of visitors every year to this day.

The Science Channel ran an excellent documentary series called “What the Ancients Knew” which can also be found on YouTube. The episode on Egypt was particularly fascinating for me – and I hope you’ll find it interesting as well. I’ve embedded it below so you can watch it here.