Egypt_Sphinx_PyramidYou have to give the Ancient Egyptians credit where credit is due, when they built something to last, it lasted. Now having thousands of people at your beck and call to do all the building work, as well as large amounts of gold to pay for whatever they needed certainly helped. Now it took a tremendous amount of labor and effort to build the pyramids of Giza. It also took a great deal of large sandstone blocks to build them too. Sandstone certainly being more durable than most materials modern homes are built out of. I know a great deal about the Ancient Egyptians and I consider myself an amateur Egyptologist.

There is just something about ancient civilizations that has always fascinated me, especially the Egyptian one. Their buildings were extraordinary for the times, in which they were built, and the pyramids of Giza remain the most outstanding achievements of them all. The pyramids have already lasted thousands of years, and only the industrial pollution of the last two centuries has had a harmful affect upon them. After all tomb robbers were only usually after gold, and other treasures.

I simply love going on my field trips to Egypt, I have been to other places but none of those other destinations are as good as Giza, or the Valley of the Kings. There is nothing as special as the pyramids, and the Sphinx in my opinion. Which, is why I go to Egypt as often as possible. It costs a fair amount of money for every trip, yet as far as I am concerned it is worth every single dime.

Unfortunately, my modern home in Fort Worth, Texas is not as enduring as the pyramids (not that any of us would still be around in two or three thousand years time to find out). The main problem with my house is that there is a lot of wood in its infrastructure, and wood as I have just found out to my cost is vulnerable to termites. Once termites get into your home they can cause considerable damage, that needs to be fixed straightaway or it can seriously ruin your house for good. In some ways, I wish I had remained blissfully unaware of the damage that termites could do to things. I also got to thinking that a home built of stone, although expensive would be a good idea as it would at least be termite proof.

Not only was I ignorant of the damage they could do, I was equally ignorant of how much it costs to treat the house to get rid of them. The answer is that it costs an awful lot of money to get rid of termites, and to make sure my home is treated afterwards to deter them from ever coming back. Let’s just say that the termite treatment cost, in terms of paying professional pest controllers to get rid of termites from my home, and to stop them from coming back has postponed my next trip abroad. Paying for the termite removal has used up the majority of the funds I had saved up for my next visit to Egypt. Postponement is not my preferred option, but it is probably the best one to take at the moment.