High-Sierra-SwerveI will agree with all the people who say travel is the best way to spend your free years. You get to meet new people, learn new cultures and get to know the ancient traditions of the people living in that area. For me, the peak of travel is getting to know the people living there, their way of life, beliefs and the myths they believe in. it’s an exciting experience that everyone should get to enjoy at least once if not always. I recently visited Egypt – the pyramids of Giza, to be specific, for the third time. Here, we would take trips to different parts of the vast land, and desert like terrains, visit legendary pyramids just for day then come back the next day. The experience was exciting; learning about the greatest ancient civilization, their past traditions, beliefs, myths and their extraordinary structure like the pyramids and ancient ruins… it was fascinating.

However, I could not help realizing how hard it is to choose a backpack when visiting places like this. There were teenagers getting around with bright, flashy cool backpacks that might have appealed to their generation but certainly didn’t appeal to me. Some people had backpacks that looked heavy and uncomfortable. This gave me the impression that most of us do not know what exactly to buy when looking for a one-day backpack to a place like the pyramids of Giza. It is crucial to have in mind the place your visiting and requirement to carry in your tour when selecting a bag pack otherwise your trip will end up being more frustrating than fun. Backpacks need to be selected under very careful consideration of the specific tour.

Here are some of the things you should consider:

  • The backpack should be comfortable on your back in that should balance perfectly with body when full
  • It should be sizably big, but not too big. It should be nothing more than 60L. This is because, when you carry a big bag, the more things you will put in it making it heavy for no good reason.
  • It should have multiple compartments to enable you to put all your things inside in an orderly manner. It will help you not to look for one thing for twenty minutes.
  • It has to be secure. This will help you be at ease that whatever you are carrying is safe and secure.
  • The tour areas(Terrain and walking distances) to visit should be considered so as to know which backpack will be best for the tour.

Before my visit to the pyramids of Giza, I decided to research online to find the right backpack for this type of trip. While I couldn’t find anything Egypt specific, I did look at a guide to the best backpacks for men, and based on their recommendation I chose a High Sierra Swerve Backpack, which I bought online. Wonder why I bought this one and not any other? Here is why: it is designed to have multiple compartments, an Mp3 player pocket with a headphone port, mesh beverage compartments on both sides, a hanging accessory pocket, comfortable backpack panel and a premium organizer compartment. In addition, it only weighs 2.04 lbs. this bag did not just give me comfort and organization, it enabled me to reach for what I needed easily: my music, my snacks, my water… I just found the High Sierra Swerve Backpack to be so convenient.