giza-pyramidsHave you ever wondered what it was like at the center of an Egyptian pyramid? My friends and I – plus countless others who have vacationed in Egypt know first-hand what this experience is like.

Egypt is alive with bright, vibrant colors and offers a mystical intrigue that can’t be found in many places. Travelers to Egypt find themselves engrossed in the rich history of the country as they explore the market place, the hieroglyphics, and the ethereal mask of Tutankhamen. They will find themselves in the 21st century as they travel the streets, swallowed up by the chaotic mingling as people go about their business; and curse their luck for being stuck in the never-ending traffic. When you visit Egypt and go on a camel ride, or buy souvenirs at Giza, it is an experience of a lifetime that you will never forget.

Tourism in Egypt

9.7 million people visited Egypt in 2006-7; this is a 13% increase over the year before. Where else in this world can you sit on top of a camel and see the Great Sphinx through a hazy desert sunset? Hospitality is now a thriving business in Egypt and there are a number of excellent hotels in the tourists areas of Alexandria, Aswan, Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm-el Sheikh. This country is packed with drama and energy, which makes it a fine playground for all vacationers.

When is the best time to go to Egypt?

Egypt is located very near the equator, which means it has hot and dry summers, and mild winters. During the summer the temps can rise higher than 113 degrees Fahrenheit during the afternoon. This often limits visiting historic sites during the morning or evening hours. There is a problem with this schedule, as morning and evening hours are also the best times for mosquitoes to be out looking for fresh blood. Tourist attractions may not be so crowded, but is it worth the discomfort to go in the summer? Not really. Especially when the months of October to May have almost perfect weather for sightseeing. Plan your vacation for these months and you are sure to experience the delights of Egypt in comfort.

Holidays in Egypt

A holiday in Egypt offers guests so many activities. Egyptian holiday tour packages can be found on various websites. Because Egypt is such a big country, most people do prefer to book a tour package in order to see the highlights of the country. However, there are other activities you can enjoy, such as a unique cruise down the Nile, or a Saharan wildlife safari. For those who love the city life, there is always Cairo, Egypt’s bustling capital, to explore. There is something for everyone in Egypt.

Shopping in Egypt

Since the year 1382, the Khan-al-Khalili bazaar in Cairo has been the place to shop in all of Egypt. Shopping for locally made goods, and haggling over the prices, is a treat all who visit Egypt should experience. The sellers expect the haggler to bargain for a fair price. Egyptian cotton in known world-wide for the pure, luxurious scarfs the locals make. Shoppers will find other delights such as hand-made carpets, perfumes, authentic pharaonic objects and papyrus artwork.

The Pyramids

Every vacation in Egypt should include a visit to the Pyramids of Giza. The Great Pyramid was the world’s tallest structure for over 3,800 years and deserves to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. These funerary homes for Egypt’s great Pharaohs of 2700-2200 BC have always held a fascination to people across the planet. An amazing fact to know is that, even though the pyramids look impressive today, when they were built they were capped with gold and the sides were covered with polished white limestone. In the very center of the pyramid is a tomb, and it is sweltering hot inside. There are probably dozens of tourists who are probably all hot, sweaty and exhausted from walking bent over through tiny corridors to reach this center point. Yet each of them will be wearing a warm smile, knowing they made it to the center of a pyramid is Egypt. Not everyone can say they did so.